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Cliff ’s Homemade Ice Cream!

The taste of Cotton Candy, Black Raspberry soda, Sticky Buns straight from the oven, Cookie Dough fresh from a mixing bowl… These are flavors we can all imagine, but Holy Cannoli, what do you think Morris County Mud, Huckleberry Buckle, or Smurf taste like?

Cliff’s has 11 tasty flavors of soft ice cream and over 60 unique flavors of hard hand-dipped ice cream...So whether you come from Graham Central Station or by some Rocky Road, stop by Cliff’s for a warm-hearted friendly smile and a rich and creamy scoop of sunshine.

Besides boasting the best ice cream this side of Minty Mountain Hop, Cliff’s is fun, family-friendly, and open all year round. We’re always proud to serve you our best homemade (on-site) ice cream, make you a custom cake, or cater your event. Everyone knows Cliff’s ice cream is heaven in a cup or cone. Taste the delicious difference yourself!

girl eating ice cream at Cliff's