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Cliff ’s  Cakes!

There are ordinary cakes, and then there are Cliff's delicious homemade ice cream cakes. We have decorated ice cream cakes ready and waiting to be written on. Or give us 48 hours and we'll create a custom made cake for 4 to 45 people using any flavor combination and decoration of your choice.

Whether it's for a Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just because it's a day... We'll sandwich the best layer of crunch available between two of the most delicious layers of hard ice cream you've ever had.

  Size Price Serves Up to
  7 in. $32.95 8
  8 in. $39.95 12
  9 in. $47.95 15
  10 in. $58.95 20
  12 in. $64.95 25
  1/2 Sheet (9 x 14 in.) $64.95 25
  Full Sheet (14 x 19 in.) $99.95 45
  Heart $47.95 15
  Small Heart $19.95 4
  Seasonal Pies $19.95 8

Special Flavors, Fruit, Candies, Fudge and Extra Crunch are available at an additional charge.

Cliff's Chocolate Ice Cream Cone